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You need reliable information to make confident decisions. Trust us to provide accurate information on a timely basis with our complete range of accounting, auditing, and business advisory services.


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You earned it. You should keep it. Our estate planning professionals will guide you through growing your assets while building income based on your current needs and future expectations.

Important Information and Tax Rules that May Affect You

Caring for an elderly relative? You may be eligible for tax breaks

Taking care of an elderly parent or relative may provide more than just satisfaction. You could also be eligible for tax breaks. For example, if the individual qualifies as your “medical dependent,” and you itemize deductions on your return, you can include any medical expenses you incur for the relative along with your own when […]

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Valuable gifts to charity may require an appraisal

If you donate valuable items to charity, you may be required to get an appraisal. The IRS requires donors and charitable organizations to supply certain information to prove their right to deduct charitable contributions. If you donate an item of property (or a group of similar items) worth more than $5,000, certain appraisal requirements apply. […]

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Want to turn a hobby into a business? Watch out for the tax rules

You may dream of turning a hobby into a business. You won’t have any tax headaches if your new business is profitable. But what if the enterprise consistently generates losses (deductions exceed income) and you claim them on your tax return? The IRS may step in and say it’s a hobby (an activity not engaged […]

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Thinking about converting your home into a rental property?

Some taxpayers move to new homes but rent out their present homes. Renting out a home carries potential tax benefits and pitfalls. You’re generally treated as a landlord once you begin renting your home. That means you must report rental income on your tax return but are entitled to deductions for utilities, incidental repairs, depreciation […]

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