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You earned it. You should keep it. Our estate planning professionals will guide you through growing your assets while building income based on your current needs and future expectations.

Important Information and Tax Rules that May Affect You

Vacation home: How is your tax bill affected if you rent it out?

If you own a vacation home, you may want to rent it out for part of the year. The tax treatment can be complex. It depends on how many days it’s rented and your level of personal use. Personal use includes vacation use by you, certain relatives and nonrelatives if market rent isn’t charged. However, […]

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Navigating the tax landscape when donating works of art to charity

One or more substantiation rules may apply when donating art. First, if you claim a deduction of less than $250, you must get and keep a receipt from the organization and keep written records for each item contributed. If you claim a deduction of $250 to $500, you must get and keep an acknowledgment of […]

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The tax score of winning

Studies find that more people are gambling online and sports betting. And there are still more traditional ways to gamble. If you’re lucky enough to win, tax consequences go along with your good fortune. You must report 100% of your winnings as taxable income. If you itemize deductions, you can deduct losses but only up […]

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Is a Health Savings Account right for you?

For eligible individuals, a Health Savings Account (HSA) offers a tax-favorable way to set aside funds (or have an employer do so) to meet future medical needs. Some of the tax benefits: 1) Contributions are deductible, within limits; 2) Earnings on the funds in the HSA aren’t taxed; 3) Contributions an employer makes aren’t taxed […]

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