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Important Information and Tax Rules that May Affect You

Questions you may still have after filing your tax return

If you’ve filed your 2022 tax return with the IRS, you may think you’re done with taxes for another year. But some questions may still crop up. 1) When will your refund arrive? Go to and click on “Get Your Refund Status” to find out. 2) How long should you save tax records? In […]

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The IRS clarifies what counts as qualified medical expenses

If you itemize deductions on your tax return, you may wonder: What medical expenses can I include? The IRS recently issued some frequently asked questions addressing when certain costs are qualified medical expenses for federal income tax purposes. For example, the costs of over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs generally don’t count as qualified medical expenses. However, the […]

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Tax news for investors and users of cryptocurrency

Two developments for crypto users and investors: 1) Taxpayers must now check a box on their returns indicating whether they received digital assets as payment for property or services or whether they sold, exchanged or transferred digital assets that were held as capital assets. If “yes” is checked, taxpayers must report income related to the […]

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There’s a favorable “stepped-up basis” if you inherit property

Have you inherited assets or are you planning your estate? You may not understand how tax “basis” works. Under the tax code “step-up” rules, an heir receives a basis in inherited property equal to its date-of-death value. For example, if your grandfather paid $500 for shares of an oil stock in 1940 and it’s worth […]

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Paperwork you can toss after filing your tax return

Once you file your 2022 tax return, you may wonder what tax papers you can throw away. You may have to produce records if the IRS audits your return. It’s a good idea to keep the actual returns indefinitely. But what about supporting records such as receipts and canceled checks? In general, except in cases […]

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The Tax Rules for Donating Artwork to Charity

If you’re an art collector, you may wonder about the tax breaks available for donating a work of art to charity. Several different tax rules may come into play. Your deduction for a charitable contribution of art is subject to be reduced if the charity’s use of it is unrelated to the purpose or function […]

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