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You need reliable information to make confident decisions. Trust us to provide accurate information on a timely basis with our complete range of accounting, auditing, and business advisory services.


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You earned it. You should keep it. Our estate planning professionals will guide you through growing your assets while building income based on your current needs and future expectations.

Important Information and Tax Rules that May Affect You

What Tax Records Can You Throw Away?

Oct. 15 is the deadline for individual taxpayers who extended their 2019 tax returns. If you’re finally done filing last year’s return, you might wonder: Which tax records can you toss once you’re done? Now is a good time to go through old tax records and see what you can discard. A common rule of […]

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There May be Relief from Tax Liability for “Innocent Spouses”

If you file a joint tax return with your spouse, you should be aware of your individual liability. And if you’re getting divorced, you should know that there may be relief available if the IRS comes after you for certain past-due taxes. When a married couple files jointly, each spouse is liable for the tax […]

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Why it’s important to plan for income taxes as part of your estate plan

The current federal estate tax exemption ($11.58 million in 2020) means that many people aren’t concerned with estate tax. But they should still plan to save income taxes. For example, be careful making lifetime transfers of appreciated assets. It’s true that the assets and future appreciation generated by them are removed from your estate. But […]

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Can Investors Who Manage Their Own Portfolios Deduct Related Expenses?

In some cases, investors have related expenses, such as the cost of subscriptions to financial periodicals and clerical expenses. Are they tax deductible? Currently, they’re only deductible if you can show that your investment activities rise to the level of carrying on a trade or business. In that case, you may be considered a trader, […]

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