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You earned it. You should keep it. Our estate planning professionals will guide you through growing your assets while building income based on your current needs and future expectations.

Important Information and Tax Rules that May Affect You

Are you eligible for a medical expense tax deduction?

You may pay out a bundle in out-of-pocket medical costs. But can you deduct them on your tax return? It’s possible but not easy. Medical expenses can be deducted only to the extent unreimbursed costs exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Plus, medical expenses are deductible only if you itemize, which means that your […]

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Commission fraud: When salespeople get paid more than they’ve earned

Many employees receive part of their compensation from sales-related commissions. Unfortunately, some of these workers occasionally may be tempted to abuse the commission system by falsifying sales or rates. Generally, this takes one of three forms: 1) invented sales, 2) overstated sales and 3) manipulated commission rates. This last scheme often involves the collusion of […]

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Gig workers should understand their tax obligations

Many people have become gig workers to earn extra money through online platforms. Find out more about the tax implications of these jobs. About the Author Latest Posts Contact AuthorAbout James B. ReynoldsJim became a partner in 1991 and managing partner July 1, 2015. He serves as the manager of the Firm’s Accounting and Auditing […]

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There’s a deduction for student loan interest but do you qualify for it?

If you’re paying back college loans for yourself or your children, you may wonder if you can deduct the interest you pay. The answer is yes, subject to certain limits. The maximum amount of student loan interest you can deduct annually is $2,500. The deduction is phased out if your adjusted gross income (AGI) exceeds […]

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