Certified Public Accountants

With the help and cooperation of everyone in our office, and in our community, we at O’Brien Shortle Reynolds & Sabotka, PC expect to continue to maintain our corporate hallmark of timely professional services. That being said, the good health of our staff, their families and our community is also very important to us. Out of an abundance of caution and in the best interest of our staff and clients, please click on the button below to learn about our policies. COVID-19 & Your Tax Returns Learn More There’s nothing like a conversation with someone you trust. At O’Brien Shortle Reynolds & Sabotka, our certified public accountants, financial planners, valuation specialists and tax experts can help you with a wide range of finanical matters from tax preparation, to financial planning, to auditing to advice on developing effective accounting systems. Our Partners - Dedicated to Your Success CPAs are uniquely suited to participate in the estate planning and administration along with other planning professionals. CPAs can be especially valuable in minimizing wealth transfer tax burdens and wealth administration tasks for future generations. Estate Planning - For Your Peace of Mind

Accounting & Audit

Accounting & Audit Services

You need reliable information to make confident decisions. Trust us to provide accurate information on a timely basis with our complete range of accounting, auditing, and business advisory services.


Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax Preparation for Individuals & Businesses

Personal and business taxes prepared, reviewed and filed. We’ll also provide tax planning so you pay the least amount of tax.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services

You earned it. You should keep it. Our estate planning professionals will guide you through growing your assets while building income based on your current needs and future expectations.

Important Information and Tax Rules that May Affect You

Unemployed last year? Buying health insurance this year? You may benefit from favorable new changes

Many people lost their jobs last year due to pandemic shutdowns. Generally, unemployment compensation is included in gross income for federal tax purposes. But thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), enacted on March 11, 2021, up to $10,200 of unemployment compensation can be excluded from federal gross income on 2020 federal returns for […]

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Home Sales: How to Determine Your “Basis”

If you’re buying or selling a home, you should know how to determine your basis. The law allows an exclusion from income for all or part of the gain realized on your home sale. The general exclusion limit is $250,000 ($500,000 for married taxpayers). You want your basis to be as high as possible in […]

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Who Qualifies for “Head of Household” Tax Filing Status?

When you file your tax return, you must check one of the following filing statuses: Single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household or qualifying widow(er). Who qualifies to file as a head of household, which is more favorable than single? To qualify, you must maintain a household, which for more than half […]

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How to ensure life insurance isn’t part of your taxable estate

If you have a life insurance policy, you may want to ensure that the benefits your family will receive after your death won’t be included in your estate. That way, the benefits won’t be subject to federal estate tax. For 2021, the federal estate and gift tax exemption is $11.7 million ($23.4 million for married […]

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