Financial Planning Services

The world of increasing options makes it challenging to understand and make good choices for safely investing your hard-earned money and other assets for your future. Our advisors make the job easier by helping you make informed choices about your investments, your taxes and your future.

Investment Planning

We all have different priorities in life, but one thing is universal; We all want our investments to yield the greatest returns. Today’s rapidly changing economic environment creates challenges in understanding the best ways to stay ahead of the curve. Our experts will help guide you through investment planning to determine what is right for you and your family or business.


Family Wealth & Estate Planning

You didn’t work hard all your life to turn over more than half of your estate to the government. Let us show you how to ensure that your family is taken care of and that your estate is maintained according to your wishes. We can help with planning for Estate, Gift, Trusts and Charitable Contributions.

Education Planning

Today, a college education for your children can easily cost as much or more than your home. We can help develop a solid financial plan to provide for your children’s college education while reducing your annual tax burdens in many cases.

Risk Management

Because nobody can predict the future, different stages of life require changing focus on financial stability and security. Factors such as  your increasing net worth and future financial obligations require different types and levels of insurance. By understanding your finances, future dreams and plans, we can help determine the best plan for managing them to help achieve those dreams.

James B. Reynolds, CPA & Partner

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