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Selling stock by year-end? Watch out for the wash sale rule

Are you thinking about selling stock at a loss to offset gains that have been realized during 2022? If so, it’s important to be careful of the “wash sale” rule. Under this rule, if you sell stock or securities for a loss and buy substantially identical stock or securities back within the 30-day period before […]

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The Power of the Tax Credit for Buying an Electric Vehicle

Although electric vehicles are a small percentage of the cars on the road today, they’re increasing in popularity. And if you buy one, you may be eligible for a federal tax break. The tax code provides a credit to purchasers of qualifying plug-in electric drive motor vehicles including passenger cars and light trucks. The credit […]

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Don’t forget to take required minimum distributions this year

If you have a traditional IRA or tax-deferred retirement plan account, you probably know that you must take required minimum distributions (RMDs) when you reach a certain age. Once you attain age 72 (or age 70½ before 2020), you must begin taking RMDs from traditional IRAs and certain retirement accounts. If you don’t withdraw the […]

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