Tax Reform

(a la The Duck)

The President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform has finally issued its report and, surprisingly, found the current tax system to be flawed and in need of some tinkering.

We asked the leading Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, for his thoughts on reforming our current income tax code.  The Duck’s response:

“The Internal Revenue Code is a disaster.  My plan for tax reform is HUGE!  Believe me – you won’t believe it.  I actually have a lot of good friends at the IRS and they seem to make it a point to contact me each year to discuss my tax returns.  We negotiate the audit results and, because nobody makes better deals than I do, we settle quickly – we just settled my 1969 tax return last week.”

“As you know, I got into a little bit of trouble with women when interviewed by Chris Matthews recently.  I did not think it much of a problem until my staff brought me up to speed and informed me that women had the right to vote.  I then realized how much I actually cherished women and how many were good friends of mine, further evidenced by the fact that all my wives have been women.”

“Speaking of tax reform, my advisor is a graduate of Trump University, now working in the mailroom at Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.  He and I will be rolling out my tax proposal as soon as my 1970 return is settled.  Have I told you about my business successes?  Believe me – you won’t believe it.”

~Another example of our commitment to keeping you up-to-date
with late-breaking news regarding tax reform.~


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